Medical Cost Sharing

Here at Zion Health, we provide an organized way to share in one another’s medical burdens. Medical cost sharing is not a new concept but a proven and effective alternative to health insurance.

Everyone Accepted
We do not decline anyone for prior medical conditions or religious beliefs.
Share Medical Costs
We share each others medical costs as a community of like minded individuals.
Healthy Living
We encourage healthy living within our community which helps us all.
We process medical needs quickly for our Members, often within 5 business days.
Gain Freedom
Our members can work with any provider without network restrictions.
No Annual Caps
Our sharing program does not have annual or lifetime caps on your need requests.
Membership Access
Contribute directly with your employer or Direct Primary Care practice.
Share in a medical costs when on a vacation or serving a mission outside the USA.
Zion Health Membership TypesZion Health DirectSharing with paired DPC***Sharing at Work
Hospital, Surgical and other Medical Expenses
100% shared after Member Responsibility
No lifetime or Annual Sharing Limits
Prenegotiated Rates with PHCS Network* **
Preventive Medical Services*
Telemedicine with a $0 consultation fee **

* Connected Health contains these extra features
** Select locations include these extra features
*** Separate Direct Primary Care (DPC) Membership required


“This has been the perfect health insurance alternative that my family can afford. When we needed to go to the hospital Zion Health was there every step of the way. They were in contact asking how my daughter was doing during the entire process. When the bill came I submitted a claim. I paid my deductible and Zion Health took care of the rest. I couldn’t believe how easy it was. The support has been amazing!”

Jessica Kleinman | July 2019

Enjoy Medical Cost Sharing Membership
All of what you need in a medical cost strategy, great savings, and like-minded individuals.