Amber Wolverton

“In January 2022, I began having strange abdominal cramps. I described the symptoms to our direct primary care doctor over the phone, and she quickly got me in for an appointment and quickly scheduled some imaging she suspected I would need immediately after. I called her office to set up that first phone call on a Monday, and on Friday I was diagnosed with a very large left ovary that was likely ovarian cancer.
I was now considered metastatic.   The cardiovascular doctor had informed me that the node in my lung was likely cancer, which would put me at stage 4.  Pathology came back and identified my type of ovarian cancer as Clear Cell Carcinoma, an uncommon form that is notorious for being resistant to chemotherapy. The folks at Zion HealthShare were incredibly patient as I sifted through all the programs I could find to figure out how to fight it. I settled on standard care with the same doctor who had done the surgery and won my trust.

I am currently two surgeries and two chemo treatments into my journey and am happy to report that both the lung node and the breast mass were benign, and my cancer markers have already dropped to normal levels!! The folks at Zion HealthShare have been endlessly patient with my questions and calls, and my hospital bills have all been paid with remarkably little effort on my part. I can now say without a doubt that Zion HealthShare works. More than that, the level of personal attention and kindness that you receive when you talk to the people there is beyond expectations, and I have to believe a healing force in and of itself.”

Anna Lamb

“Zion Health is sincerely amazing! I am beyond grateful. My experience with a surgery need was seamless – they were so fast, communicative and the financial aid was an amazing blessing! The hospital bills were all prepaid and gave me peace of mind. This experience with Zion makes me so much more appreciative of being part of this community. My commitment to Zion has definitely deepened due to this experience! Thank you Zion!”

Melissa Steed

“I have been very impressed with Zion Health. We have had this HealthShare program for about a year and a half and I have not had to file a needs claim until this month. I was anticipating a run -around like I have gotten with other programs. Zion was very different and a breath of fresh air.

I have been pleased from the very first day and with each step of the process- it has been so easy compared to most things in healthcare! Most notably, the response time has been incredible compared to most companies that I have worked with in the past. I was contacted the very same day that I submitted receipts. I was also notified in less than a week that my need would be completely shared after I met our out-of-pocket amount. I actually spoke with humans on the phone. They were kind and accommodating, and they gave me options for the best payment method to work with my provider. I highly recommend Zion Health. Way to go, Advocacy team!”

Ron McCollum

“Zion Health – Medical payment help done right! We’ve only had to file one sharing request but have called Zion a few times with questions. The questions were answered by a real person in a friendly and easy to understand manner. The sharing request was approved within 24 hours of approval. In today’s health care environment you just can’t beat that. Not to mention their pricing is fair. I recommend Zion as an affordable alternative to traditional health insurance.”