IUA 01 – How the IUA Works

Learn more about how the IUA works with Zion Health.

Why You Benefit From IUAs

Zion Health and Member Needs Processing

Zion Health Members enjoy a full service team that makes processing a need easy and efficiently.  Once all information is collected from the provider and member, most needs are processed within three business days.

Zion Health and Alternative Medicine

Zion Health Members have more options.  Providers can work with our Members to suggest alternative medical treatments and not limited to the treatments that traditional insurance companies would cover.

Zion Health and the Initial Unsharable Amount (IUA)

Zion Health Members pay the initial unsharable amount directly to their provider when a need occurs.  The remaining eligible medical expenses are shared with the community.

Zion Health is a Community

At Zion Health, we are a community of like minded individuals.  We share in medical expenses with each other.