The Zion Health Community

Learn about how our members come together to help each other with their medical needs every day.

IUA 101

Learn about how each member’s responsibility is calculated at Zion Health when a medical need arises.

Benefits of the IUA Model

Learn about how we are saving our member’s money with the IUA model.

Processing Member Needs

Learn about our full-service team dedicated to processing our member’s needs as quickly and efficiently as possible. Once we receive all the required information, most needs are processed within five business days.

Zion Health and Alternative Medicine

Zion Health offers our members the option to choose alternative medical treatments traditional insurance companies don’t cover. Learn more about how we are giving our members the freedom to make their own healthcare choices.

The Initial Unshareable Amount (IUA)

The amount a member pays when a medical need arises is called the Initial Unshareable Amount. Learn more about how needs are shared.