Help families receive the medical care they need.

Zion Health is proud to be a nonprofit organization helping families share medical costs and easing the financial burden of healthcare. Your donations to the Additional Giving Fund go to the medical expenses of members whose needs would not otherwise be shareable according to the Member Guidelines.

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If you would like your donation to go toward a specific member or need, please specify in the comment section below.

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Donation Total: $25.00 Monthly


What is Additional Giving?

A way to help others with their medical expenses. Zion Health is built on the idea that we want to help others with their medical expenses. For this reason, many contribute to the Additional Giving Fund, above and beyond their monthly contribution. These funds are not subject to the administrative fees and go directly to help members.

Who can receive Additional Giving benefits?

All active Zion Health members. Members whose medical needs are not eligible for sharing according to the Member Guidelines can submit a Special Need Request in order to receive help from Additional Giving.

Who can donate?

Everyone! Many Zion Health members choose to give more than their required monthly contribution because they believe in helping the other members of the Zion Health community. However, you don’t need to be a member to donate to the Additional Giving Fund and help others with their medical expenses.

Can I choose where my donations go?

Yes!  Donations can be designated for a specific cause. Though reasonable efforts will be made to use donations as designated, all donations become part of the Additional Giving Fund and will be used at the Zion Health’s sole discretion to further the overall mission of the organization.

Are my donations tax deductible?

Yes! While your monthly contributions are not, any amount you contribute to the Additional Giving Fund is considered a charitable donation and can be deducted from your taxable earnings.