DPC Spotlight: Resolve Medical

resolve medical doctors with graphic

We’re excited to spotlight our friends at Resolve Medical, who are located right beside us here in sunny St. George, Utah! As our DPC neighbors, they’ve been working to offer their patients superior healthcare for over three years.

What is your mission as a DPC?

At Resolve Medical, our mission is to give patients the healthcare of the future. We offer concierge-level care at direct primary care prices.

What made you decide to become a DPC provider?

We decided to cut out the middleman and practice direct medicine when we realized that insurance companies get in the way of what patients really need. We want to provide the best care possible, based on the most up-to-date research. Insurance companies are usually 10-15 years behind the research, as far as what they will cover. They don’t usually cover advanced lab testing, root cause fixes, or preventative medicine.

What is the best part about being a DPC?

The best part about offering direct primary care is that we can give our patients the best care and exactly what they need, instead of only being able to do what their insurance will allow. We can take the time to get to know them and really dig in and figure out what is going on. We love being able to form lasting relationships and really make a difference for our patients.

What makes your DPC practice special?

We utilize the cutting-edge research and technology of functional medicine to discover how each patient’s body is working and how to help it work better. We address the root cause of disease, helping our patients prevent and recover from chronic disease through sustainable lifestyle and nutrition changes. We take a holistic approach with the goal of creating resilience and independence from medications by building healthy habits around nutrition, diet, sleep, stress, emotional health, and mental health.

What is the number-one way you are improving healthcare for your patients?

One of the primary ways that we improve healthcare for our patients is by giving them access to lab testing that is usually reserved for people who can afford extremely high-priced precision care. These tests provide deep insight into many different aspects of your health. We look at genetics, heavy metal and toxin levels, gut health, parasites, bacteria and yeast, infections, inflammation, digestion and absorption levels, oral microbiome, hormone levels, food sensitivities, organic acids, neurotransmitters, oxidative stress, and vitamin and mineral levels, and more.

How has paring DPC and Zion HealthShare improved your patient’s healthcare?

Being able to offer Zion HealthShare allows us to provide a full-spectrum solution for our patients. Zion HealthShare provides peace of mind for emergencies and acute situations and support for chronic conditions. Many (or most!) people who come to us are disillusioned with insurance-based healthcare, so being able to share that there are other options is exciting for us.

What has been your experience partnering with Zion HealthShare so far?

We appreciate that Zion HealthShare is very forward-thinking and has a focus on preventative care and holistic care. Our patients that use Zion HealthShare are all very happy with their experiences. We also practice what we preach and traded in our company-sponsored insurance plans for Zion HealthShare plans as well!

See what their patients are saying!

“I love their holistic approach to resolving my health concerns. They have helped implement wellness strategies that allow my body to heal itself! The entire staff is really great! I feel so fortunate to have Resolve Medical in our community, they truly have the best healthcare model.”
-Franchesca J.

“Very attentive, patient, and solution oriented. It is very apparent he cares for his patients and goes the extra mile to help. One of the reasons I don’t like going to see a doctor is because more often than not, I have to wait in their waiting room long past my scheduled appointment before I actually see the doctor. I never had this problem with Dr. Noorda.”
-Jason L.

“Dr. Scott and Brandon, and the whole resolve medical staff, are amazing! BEST DR. I’VE EVER BEEN TO! They care, they respect your time by being on-time, and the aren’t interested in masking symptoms by just giving you a prescription. They want to find the root cause of any issue and address that first and foremost. I couldn’t recommend Resolve Medical more!”
-Ian L.