What is a HealthShare?

HealthSharing is a benevolent community that provides an organized way of sharing in medical expenses of its members.

What Is Zion Health’s Philosophy?

Zion Health believes that our Members, in concert with the medical providers of their choosing, have a natural incentive to do what is best for themselves and their families, as well as the primary responsibility for making their own health care decisions. When our Members have financial needs due to illness that are greater than they can individually bear, we believe that the Zion Health community, in a corporate sense, should assist in carrying one another’s burdens. Our method of sharing each other’s medical bills seeks to teach these principles as an integral part of our community of sharing philosophy.

What Makes Zion Health Different?

We do not require our members to prove that they have a religious affiliation, nor do they have to have one to be a part of our community. Zion Health is made up of like-minded individuals who strive to live a healthy lifestyle and are committed to sharing in each other’s medical costs. 

How do medical bills get paid?

Members declare that they are a cash pay client with providers.  Zion Health works with the provider to negotiate the medical costs and Zion Health coordinates payment of the medical need.

How are Members of Zion Health affected by the federal health care law (the ACA)?

It is not required that individuals provide health insurance in 2019 and going forward. Individual Members would not be assessed a penalty for not having health coverage with participation on Zion Health’s sharing program.

How long does it take Zion Health to process a medical need?

The sharing turnaround time is normally 15-30 days from receipt of your bills and required information. If your Needs Processing Form is correct and complete, and there are no ongoing financial negotiations with providers, your need will normally be shared at the beginning of the second month after we receive your need. For example, a need received by the end of September would be processed in October and shared at the beginning of November.

What kind of company is Zion Health?

Zion Health is a Utah corporation with administrative offices in St. George, Utah. Zion Health is not an insurance company. Zion Health provides the framework and administrative support for our health care sharing membership program.

What’s the advantage of Zion Health not being a health insurance company?

When health care costs are paid by someone other than the person receiving care, typically an insurance company or government entity, the healthcare model can be undermined. We believe many of the current problems with the health care system are the direct result of restricting personal freedom and responsibility through dependence on third-party payors. Zion Health is designed to allow Members to help one another while maintaining freedom of choice and personal responsibility.

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