Zion Health Financial Commentary Regarding COVID-19

A Reliable Track Record

To date, Zion Health has met all legitimate needs requests for its members. Additionally, Zion Health’s community account has adequate funds to meet all current and about 300% of the annual expected needs of the community.  All sharing of medical bills is within the rules established in the Member Guidelines for the community.  Each month’s needs are met, and excess funds are stored for a rainy day.  These excess funds are substantial, and the community has not yet needed to draw from any of these funds thus far.

Lower Costs

The power of our ability to negotiate medical bills is part of how we keep the rates low. To date, incoming medical bills are often reduced by 40-80% through negotiation.  Zion Health’s community adheres to and strives for a healthy lifestyle and advocates the use of alternative medicines, which is also helping to lower costs for all.

Proven Success

Zion Health is a non-profit organization and retains less than 10% of the monthly medical cost sharing contributions as Zion Health’s administration costs. 90% of the monthly contributions are made available exclusively for needs sharing.  Ultimately, this model has a proven track record of success for over 25 years in the Medical Cost Sharing industry.

COVID-19 Impact

One of the benefits of being a member of the Zion Health community is that you are become a part of a group of individuals who are sharing in medical costs with one another.  The resources of Zion Health allow for best in class negotiations, quick processing and effective communications.  The community is by and large healthier than the general population, and younger, with an average age in the 30’s, providing a lower risk of costly complications as a community.

While the total impact is unknown, we are confident in the community’s ability to share in the current and on-going medical costs with each other.  We are humbled at the generosity we have seen our members contribute towards medical costs so far.   We look forward to helping our fellow members as we move forward to a bright future.  Our prayers go out to our community and the rest of mankind that might be affected in one way or another by COVID-19.

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