Coming Soon: Healthcare Bluebook

Zion Health has partnered with Healthcare Bluebook, an organization dedicated to helping people find quality healthcare at fair prices. Their database collects information from facilities and providers all across the country to help you make educated decisions about your healthcare. Here’s what you can do with this resource:

  • See fair prices for services in your area.
  • Find local providers and facilities, and see their ranking based on patient satisfaction and fair pricing.
  • Search for care based on procedure, facility, or physician.
  • Feel confident with your healthcare choices!

Healthcare Bluebook is not a provider network. Instead, it is a database to help you judge fair pricing and provider quality as a consumer of health services. Our partnership with Healthcare Bluebook will not in any way limit the providers our members are able to see or the facilities they can visit. Instead, it will aid us in our mission to provide our members with the resources they need to make decisions about where they want to shop for their healthcare services.

We are expected to launch this program in early 2022. More information on Healthcare Bluebook is coming soon. Please check back for more information.

This post was updated on 11/8/21 to address some confusion from members about whether Healthcare Bluebook was a new network that would limit their choice of providers.