How Is Zion HealthShare Cheaper Than Other Insurance Premiums?

Little girl at the doctor for a checkup

The cost of healthcare services and insurance premiums keep going up. We created Zion HealthShare with the belief that healthcare should be affordable for everyone. Health spending increased by 9.7% from 2019 to 2020 and premiums increased an average of 5.2% between 2020 to 2021. However, at Zion HealthShare, we have only adjusted monthly contributions once since we began operating. The good news is that you can use many of the strategies we use to save on healthcare costs! Here’s how Zion HealthShare keeps monthly contributions and IUAs affordable for our community.

We Work with Direct Primary Care Providers

Direct Primary Care doctors care for the overall health of their patients with longer, unlimited visits and a focus on holistic care. At Zion HealthShare, we offer membership discounts to members who pair Zion HealthShare with a DPC subscription. We have found that not only is direct primary care more affordable than health insurance, DPC members are healthier overall.

There are DPC practices all over the United States—find one near you and see if it could be a good fit.

We All Follow the Member Guidelines

The Member Guidelines details shareable expenses with the Zion HealthShare community.

Our Sharing Guidelines ensure that we don’t overburden our members. Determining which costs are shareable helps the community avoid spending money on avoidable costs—that way we can keep monthly contributions low, and members can use a part of those savings if they do need to pay for an extra office visit or two.

We also offer low-cost options like telemedicine, so members can see a doctor at no cost instead of waiting at a doctor’s office for everyday illnesses. The next time you feel under the weather, take advantage of your Teladoc membership to see a doctor without leaving your home.

We also share in alternative treatments on a case-by-case basis based on the latest medical research. Because we allow our members to choose these solutions, everyone saves money and receives more holistic care.

We Encourage a Healthy Lifestyle

A lot of our healthcare spending could be avoided simply by focusing on living a healthy lifestyle with diet and exercise. Because our membership community is, on average, healthier than the general population, our members can take advantage of lower monthly contributions and overall spending. It just makes sense that healthy people spend less on healthcare. We encourage our members to live healthily so we aren’t spending money to treat easily preventable health problems.

We understand that you cannot control all aspects of your health, but even simple activities like walking and eating fruits and vegetables can decrease your risk of certain diseases by drastic amounts. Check out our Help Center for resources on living a healthy lifestyle every day.

We Plan Ahead

At Zion HealthShare, we prepare financially so we can always take care of the eligible medical expenses of our members. You can do the same by putting money away for healthcare expenses based on your individual healthcare needs. That way, if an unexpected medical event arises, you’ll be ready and won’t fall behind. How much you save will probably depend on your chosen IUA – what is the maximum amount you might need to spend on healthcare in a year if you have multiple accidents? Ask yourself this question and save based on the answer.

Zion HealthShare  keeps monthly contributions low in part because of the responsibility each of our members takes regarding their own health. We thank you for the effort each of you gives to keep our community strong!