How Zion Health Saves Members Money over Traditional Insurance

At Zion Health, one of our goals is to protect the finances of our members. On average, Zion Health members save 40-60% on their overall healthcare costs compared to traditional health insurance.

Here are the top ways we’re saving our members money every day:
  1. Lower monthly contributions.
  2. Telemedicine and preventive care with no cost to members.
  3. No high deductible or coinsurance that resets every year, so our members save money when large medical events occur.

Because our members take personal responsibility for smaller medical expenses, you may be skeptical about how much Zion Health actually saves our members every year. To help put your healthcare costs into perspective, we have put together a comparison of some common healthcare expenses for Zion Health members, traditional insurance customers, and uninsured individuals.

A Year of Medical Expenses for a Family of Four