Medical Cost Sharing

Here at Zion Health, we provide an organized way to share in one another’s medical burdens.  Medical cost sharing is not a new concept but a proven and effective alternative to health insurance.

Everyone Accepted

We do not decline anyone for prior medical conditions or religious beliefs.

At Zion Health, everyone is accepted regardless of religious beliefs.  Prior medical conditions will not result in a membership decline either.  Zion Health members share in medical expenses with the community and lead a healthy lifestyle.  Prior medical conditions can be shared after one year of membership and phasing in fully after the third year of membership.

Share Medical Costs

We share eachothers medical costs as a community of like minded individuals.

As a medical cost sharing community all members are sharing in the medical expesnses of oneanother.  We try to live a healthy lifestyle so we can all be healthier together.  Because we help eachother we can leverage the power of our community for better costs and care for our members.  Medical cost sharing is not insurance and that is why it works so well!


Gain Freedom

Our members can work with any provider without network restrictions.

Zion Health members gain the freedom of choice!  You can choose to work with the licensed provider of your choice and we will work with you and your provider to empower you with greater freedom.


No Annual Caps

Our sharing program does not have annual or lifetime caps on your need requests.

Our plans do not have annual caps or lifetime limits.  Zion Health’s membership community is designed to share in the all types of medical bills, large and small.

Give to Others

Sharing in medical costs with others allows for you to give to others who are in need.

Because Zion Health is a non-profit medical cost sharing organization, our members know that thier monthly contributions are going to a good cause.  The monthly contributions paid by our members go to help pay for medical expenses in a benevolent fashion and putting back compassion into the healthcare process.

Healthy Living

We encourage healthy living within our community which helps us all.

Healthy living is not just a catchy phase for us.  We take health seriously within our community.  From traditional forms of proactive healthy inititives like weight loss, diet and exersise to the basic way we as a community share in healthy and proven alternitve treatment options – we are striving to better our lives together.

End of Life Assistance

Assistance for end of life expenses needed to help the surviving Member’s family.

Members can share in the end of life needs of eachother with Zion Health.  Members who have a spouse or child whos life is cut short can recieve monetary assistance from the community.


Share in medical costs when on a vacation or serving a mission outside the USA.

Sometimes our members travel out of the country on vaction, work or even church missions.  Zion Health will not limit sharing to the national level but will share in medical expenses worldwide.


Membership Access

Contribute directly, with your employer or Direct Primary Care practice.

Membership with Zion Health can be obtained with a relationship with your employer, doctor practice or individually.  Membership with Zion Health is an individual or family plan that can be transfiered and kept regarless of employment or affiliation.

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