Introducing the Zion Health Medical Advocacy Service

When Zion Health was founded, we wanted to help people get better access to quality healthcare at a fair price. We decided to create a nonprofit HealthShare because we could see how constant price gouging, unwarranted insurance requirements, and lack of transparency about the cost of services was making it difficult for Americans to get the quality healthcare they deserved.

We started our mission to help our members make educated decisions about their own healthcare by allowing them to visit any provider without network restrictions. We accepted everyone who agreed to our principles of living an ethical, healthy lifestyle, and we made it a priority to help our members get quality care with accessible payment options, quick processing, and direct payments to providers.

We are excited to announce a new development that will make it even easier for our members to get quality care and will streamline our need process even more—the Zion Health Medical Advocacy Service! This service will launch in 2022 to help our members choose the best providers and facilities and to coordinate payments ahead of services.

How does this service work?

  1. When you need a medical service (office visit, specialist visit, surgery, etc.) call the dedicated medical advocacy phone number: (888) 399-0017.
  2. Our team will help you find a local provider who offers high-quality service at a fair price.
  3. We will schedule an appointment for you and coordinate billing in advance.
  4. When needed, our team can help coordinate referrals and follow-up appointments so you can focus on staying healthy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did we create this service?

We have a lot of experience working with providers and obtaining fair pricing for our members. We know our members lead busy lives and don’t have time to become healthcare experts every time they need a service. We’re here to be that expert for you!

Does it cost anything to use the medical advocacy service?

Nope. This service is included for all members. Feel free to call anytime if you have questions.

What if I want to do my own research?

Good news! We are currently working on a partnership with Healthcare Bluebook, a company whose mission it is to provide accessible healthcare information to members. Coming in early 2022, all members will be able to access their database, which rates providers by quality of service and compares pricing across providers and facilities in your area.

Our advocacy team will be happy to help you evaluate providers and choose one that best fits your needs.

When will this service be available?

We are expected to launch January 1, 2022. Our team will be available Monday through Friday during our normal business hours.