Zion Health Membership Types

Join the premier medical cost sharing community.

Membership with Zion Health is mostly the same though we have three ways our Members access Zion Health and some unique features for each Membership type. These features allow for Zion Health to best serve each type of Member in the medical cost sharing community.

TelamedineAdded Telamedicine service with Teladoc. Zion Health’s Teladoc Membership provides unlimited consultations 24/7 at no consultation fee. Skip the line at the doctor office and utilize your included Zion Health Teladoc Membership!
NetworkAdded access to PHCS/Multiplan national network of providers. Direct Membership still allows for you to work with any provider but now gain cost savings and simplicity using this nationwide network.
PreventativeSelect preventive services including colonoscopies and mammograms. Preventive services can be shared after one year of membership and includes some of the most costly preventive services to encourage early detection.
Coordinated NeedsCoordinate medical needs with your Direct Primary physician. Your doctor knows you and your health. Zion Health will work with your provider in coordinating the best care for your needs.
Exclusive RatesExclusive rates! (see rates here) Zion Health gives you the best rates by being a Direct Primary Care Member.
Meet NeedsPrimary care needs are met with your chosen physician. Direct Primary Care providers can help you stay healthy and on your team for a healthy life.
Easy SetupEasy setup and membership maintenance through your employer. Your employer can have an employees membership paid by payroll deduction and can take it with you if you. It’s your Zion Health Membership!
Coordinated NeedsCoordination of your medical needs with other employer benefits makes things easier for all.
Exclusive RatesExclusive rates! Zion Health gives you competitive rates through your employer.
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Act All of what you need in a medical cost strategy, great savings, and like-minded individuals.