Our Responsibility as Zion Health Members

Zion Health is not a faceless organization, it is a community of people just like you. All members of Zion Health have committed themselves to a set of shared principles that bind us together as a community of like-minded people. Because the actions of one member can affect the entire community, maintaining membership in this community comes with certain responsibilities.

Follow the member guidelines

First and foremost, as a member, you have agreed to follow the member guidelines—which includes adhering to the Principles of Membership. These standards keep us all on the same page. By following the member guidelines, we know what is shareable and unshareable. We also know what to expect from each other.

Instead of being limiting, the Principles of Membership allow each of us to feel confident that our monthly contributions to the community are being spent responsibly and going toward the needs of members who have agreed to the same standards we have. Having these guidelines and Principles of Membership allows us to feel closer as a community and ensures we are all working toward the same goal of being healthy and taking care of each other financially.

Maintain healthy habits

The principle of membership that most directly impacts the community is the commitment to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The healthier your habits, the healthier you are likely to stay. When we practice good health and strive to lead a balanced lifestyle, we help keep our group healthier overall, which translates to lower costs for all of us.

Shop for the best value

Speaking of cost savings, that is why many of us turned to this community in the first place—we were looking for a better solution for handling our healthcare costs. As members, we must always be aware that each individual expense can help keep costs down for the group. Comparison shopping and using available resources like the Medical Advocacy service will help you make sure you are paying fair prices. Better prices for you can mean monthly cost savings for our whole group.

Submit monthly contributions

Of course, your financial contribution is a big part of your membership responsibility. Your contribution is the amount that you selected to give to the community each month, and it is based on your household size and membership type. Contributions must be made within 30 days of the due date. Failure to do so could mean that your needs will not be shared, or in extreme cases, your membership could be suspended.

Submit medical needs correctly

We also have a responsibility to submit our medical needs in a timely manner. However, time isn’t the only important factor in needs submission. It is perhaps even more important to make sure your request is complete and correct. Of course, falsifying anything on your request is unacceptable. To process a need request, our team needs access to documents like medical records, itemized bills, and a HIPAA release form. If your need request is properly submitted, not only are valuable resources like time and money conserved, you also will see your needs processed more quickly. A win-win.

“A community of ethical, health-conscious people”

Ultimately, at Zion Health, we are accountable to one another for how we behave. Each member is expected to act with integrity, demonstrating that they respect the trust placed in them by Zion Health and its members.

Zion Health is a member-focused community, and we are happy you are here to share in it with us.