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5 Ways to Be a Savvy Healthcare Consumer 

People today have a lot of choices when it comes to how, when, and where they receive healthcare. Options are great until they get overwhelming. How do you consider these options and walk away a savvy healthcare consumer? We’d like to offer a few suggestions: UNDERSTAND THE PROGRAM As you consider various healthcare options, make […]

Streamlining Surgical Procedures  

We all hope to never get the news that we need a surgical procedure.   If you ever get that unfortunate news, please know that we are here for you! Zion Health has recently partnered with a company called Savvos to streamline the process of locating a provider, scheduling the surgery, and expediting the payment.

Utilizing Your Preventive Services  

As a member of Zion Health, you may be eligible for a number of preventive services to promote a healthy lifestyle. They are provided automatically with a Direct membership, and Essential members can select them as an optional add-on service.   In addition to eating healthy and getting enough exercise, we know it’s a great idea to periodically check in with your doctor or specialist.  What’s great is that you don’t need to pay your IUA to access these services, and in this article we will highlight what they are and how to access them.    Please also refer to our online Preventive Sharing Guide for additional details.  

What To Do When You Need to Use Your Zion HealthShare Membership

We all know that life happens! You might go for quite awhile without needing any medical care, and then – seemingly out of the blue – you can be hit with a serious injury or illness. That’s when Zion HealthShare is here for you! With Zion HealthShare, you are part of a community of members […]

How Is Zion HealthShare Cheaper Than Other Insurance Premiums?

The cost of healthcare services and insurance premiums keep going up. We created Zion HealthShare with the belief that healthcare should be affordable for everyone. Health spending increased by 9.7% from 2019 to 2020 and premiums increased an average of 5.2% between 2020 to 2021. However, at Zion HealthShare, we have only adjusted monthly contributions […]



Direct Membership

ZION HEALTHSHARE DIRECT MEMBERSHIP RATES FEATURES HOW DOES A ZION HEALTHSHARE MEMBERSHIP WORK? WE LOVE TO SHARE! Our goal at Zion HealthShare is always to support our community. We share in medical expenses according to our Member Guidelines. READ THE MEMBER GUIDELINES ENROLL NOW NOT QUITE READY YET? Contact our team to get all your […]

Breaking Down the Member Guidelines: Processing Your Need

At Zion Health, your needs are our priority. Since we put your needs first, we have made processing your needs as simple and efficient as possible. There are no long wait times or messy piles of paper to sort through. Let’s talk about how we process your needs to help you share with Zion Health […]

How to Save Money on Your Medical Bills

You may have noticed that prices for medical services can vary greatly. With the lack of transparency that is common in the healthcare industry, it can be difficult to know if you are getting the best price for your healthcare services. This may feel especially important if you have expenses that do not meet your […]

Understanding the Member Guidelines: Eligibility and Enrollment

Zion HealthShare is unique from other HealthShares. We welcome all potential members. You can even sign up online—no need to wait for a callback that you’ve been approved! In this post we will cover the primary eligibility and enrollment concerns as well as a list of FAQs related to membership eligibility. Eligibility and Enrollment Requirements […]

For DPC Members

DPC MEMBERSHIP MEMBERSHIP RATES Add-on Rates ENROLL NOW If you are currently a member of a DPC practice and would like to enroll in Zion HealthShare, use the DPC member enrollment. After you enroll, you can select your chosen add-on features.

The Best Strategies for a Healthy Heart

According to the Centers for Disease Control, there are at least 200,000 deaths each year from heart disease and stroke that are preventable. More than half of these preventable deaths are under the age of 65.  A healthy lifestyle has been shown to have remarkable improvements on your heart and overall health. Eat a Heart-Healthy […]

Essential Membership Partner Pages

ESSENTIAL MEMBERSHIP Share in medical costs with the Zion HealthShare community with our flexible Essential Membership. This simplified new membership offers exclusive perks and increased customizability for eligible groups and individuals. COMBINED BILLING Individuals can enroll in Zion HealthShare and enjoy a combined bill managed through their business, organization, or association. Two Zion HealthShare households […]