Streamlining Surgical Procedures  

We all hope to never get the news that we need a surgical procedure.   If you ever get that unfortunate news, please know that we are here for you! 

Zion HealthShare has recently partnered with a company called Savvos to streamline the process of locating a provider, scheduling the surgery, and expediting the payment. 

 Here’s how it works! 

  1. FIND AFFORDABLE PROVIDERS.   Using the Savvos System, members can search the largest marketplace of affordable cash prices to know the price before scheduling medical care.
  2. CONNECT ALL PARTIES.  Members will be able to engage in a single conversation between the facility, physician, and Zion HealthShare to clarify and schedule the procedure.
  1. FINALIZE PRICING.   Zion HealthShare will work with the provider to finalize pricing and funding in real time and in advance of the scheduled procedure.
  2. IMMEDIATE SHARING PAYMENT.   Provider receives total payment when the procedure is complete, and usually within one business day of a sharable need. 

In addition to streamlining the process, the entire Zion HealthShare Community benefits from the cost savings from comparing providers who have provided their cash prices with Savvos Health.   Costs can vary dramatically from one facility to another, and a member recently saved the community more than 80% by utilizing Savvos.   A hernia operation that would have cost $25,000, ended up only costing $4,500!    

Members who utilize this service may see a 50% reduction in their IUA (subject to approval).   For more information or to schedule a surgical procedure, please follow this link.   Our medical advocacy team is also here to walk you through the process and to provide one-on-one support.   Call (888) 399-0017 or e-mail