Understanding Your IUA

At Zion Health, the initial unshareable amount, or IUA, is the amount that each member is responsible for paying before the community will share in eligible healthcare costs. At Zion Health, we have reimagined the personal responsibility structure to make it as simple and efficient as possible.

Your IUA won’t vary depending on the cost of your need, and you will always know exactly what to expect when a need arises. The simplified IUA structure, in contrast to often confusing insurance deductibles, generally saves members a lot of money.

There are three simple IUA options for Zion Health members to choose from. You select a personal responsibility amount that fits your budget, and you’re done. It’s as simple as that.

How does the initial unshareable amount work?

When a member of Zion Health has a medical need, they are first responsible for paying their IUA. This amount is what you will pay to your provider before the Zion Health community shares in your medical expenses.

Zion Health calculates your IUA per need and not on an annual or per-expense basis. You will only pay one IUA for each separate need–including any follow-up appointments and treatment for the same medical event.

Once you meet your IUA, the Zion Health community will share medical costs at 100%. Costs related to your eligible need will continue to be shared at 100% until your need is resolved.

Many bills may arise related to a single need. Since the IUA is calculated per need, when you reach your IUA, you will not be responsible for another IUA for the same need. Only if your need is completely resolved, meaning you do not have any related symptoms or treatment for a full 12 months, will you be responsible for a new IUA.

You will never be responsible for more than three initial unshareable amounts in a 12-month period. After you have met three IUAs, any other eligible needs of $500 or more will automatically be shared with the community at 100%.

Finally, you should know that there are absolutely no limits on the amount of shareable expenses you may share with the community for regular needs.

Can I change my initial unshareable amount?

When you sign up for Zion Health, you selected an IUA. Smaller IUAs have a larger monthly contribution and vice versa. If you later decide you want to change your IUA, you are welcome to do so once per membership year.

Increasing your IUA will take effect the moment you make the switch. If you choose to lower your IUA, there is a 60-day waiting period. This waiting period applies to all needs except those related to an accident.

What if my medical bills are less than my initial unshareable amount?

Zion Health is primarily designed to help with unexpected and larger medical events. However, Zion Health does share in some more routine services. With our Direct Membership, you can share in certain preventive care services, like an annual office visit, without needing to meet your IUA.

For some other shareable needs, your expenses might not reach your IUA. In that case, these expenses are considered your member responsibility. Because our members take responsibility for smaller medical costs, we are able to keep monthly contributions lower for the entire community. Likely, your savings in monthly costs is more than enough to account for smaller medical expenses that may arise.

You should also remember that for any one need, you are likely to have more than one expense. As you pay your medical bills related to the same need, these amounts accumulate toward your IUA threshold. Once you reach your IUA, Zion Health shares your eligible expenses at 100%.

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The Zion Health initial unshareable amount simplifies your needs. As always, sharing eligibility is determined based on our Member Guidelines. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at 888-920-9466 or member@zionhealth.org.

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