What is Additional Giving?

As a member of the Zion Health community, you are one of many who believe that medical cost sharing is an effective and conscientious way to care for your medical needs and the needs of others. Your regular monthly contributions work in harmony with this belief. Your contributions don’t just allow you to maintain your membership, they also help serve your fellow members.

Though the monthly member contributions create a generous pool to share from, sometimes members like yourself may experience a medical event that cannot access that pool. As a community, we need to place limitations on what is shareable to keep sharing fair and affordable for everyone, but this means needs that are not shareable according to the member guidelines may arise from time to time—some being very critical situations. With this in mind, Zion Health encourages members to contribute toward a special program called Additional Giving.

What is Additional Giving?

Additional Giving is used solely to assist members who have a special need—something above and beyond the typically shareable needs. This program is supported by members who contribute funds in addition to their required monthly contributions. Contributing to Additional Giving is not mandatory, and members may contribute however much they want.

Our medical director takes the lead in making decisions about how Additional Giving funds are shared. When deciding whether a need is eligible for sharing from the Additional Giving fund, a number of factors are taken into account, such as length of membership and the severity of the medical need. However, any member in good standing, who is currently fulfilling their membership responsibilities, is eligible to apply for assistance through Additional Giving.

How are the funds used?

Zion Health takes great care to ensure Additional Giving funds are handled appropriately. We appreciate that the monies in this fund have been kindly donated—above and beyond the required amount— by those who are eager to help their fellow members in need.   

Generally, just over 90% of your regular monthly contributions are funneled directly into the community for helping with shareable needs. Any funds that are voluntarily contributed to the Additional Giving fund stay with that fund and are only used to assist members with special needs. That is, 100% of Additional Giving funds are reserved for member needs. Absolutely no administrative fees are taken from this fund. If you decide to contribute to this program, you can rest assured that every penny will go to your fellow members who need it most.  

How do I apply?

Before applying for assistance through Additional Giving, make sure and check the member guidelines to see if your need is shareable. If you are uncertain, reach out to our Member Care team—they are more than happy to assist you.

Once you have verified that your need is not considered shareable under the member guidelines, you may submit what is known as a Special Needs request. This form may be easily submitted online. Our medical director will review your request and we will reach out to you as soon as possible to let you know if your request has been approved.