What is the Essential Membership?

Here at Zion Health, we believe that effective healthcare solutions do not have to be complicated. That is why we have just two different membership offerings: the Essential Membership and the Direct Membership. For today, we will be looking at what makes the Essential Membership unique.

Helping Employers Help their Employees

If you are enrolled with us through your employer, there is no doubt that you’ve heard of our Essential Membership. In fact, the Essential Membership was specially designed to enable an organization, like your employer, to offer flexibility and individualization to each person on their team.

With the Zion Health Essential Membership, you will start with a base contribution. This monthly contribution is based on your age and household size. With that base contribution comes the peace of mind you get from being a member of a medical cost sharing community—a community that shares in a wide range of each other’s unexpected medical expenses. Many employers choose to offer this option to their employees as the finishing touch on their healthcare offerings.

The Essential membership is a great way for employers to offer an affordable healthcare option that actually takes care of their employees!

Essential + Direct Primary Care

Whether offered by their employers or not, many individuals are looking for alternative healthcare solutions. An increasingly popular option is signing up for a direct primary care, or DPC, membership. With DPC, members get unlimited access to important healthcare services at a low monthly membership fee.

While a DPC membership provides consistent access to basic medical care and a range of preventive services, it does not necessarily include some of the bigger, unexpected expenses that may arise. The solution? Pairing your DPC membership with a Zion Health membership.

A Zion Health membership is a fantastic complement to a DPC membership. Your DPC membership helps you maintain your health, and your Zion Health membership gives you access to a medical cost sharing community for more major medical expenses.

If you are a DPC member, or you are considering becoming one, check out the Zion Health Essential Membership for DPC members or contact our Member Care Team. We are here to help you build a healthcare approach tailored to your specific needs.

All of What You Need — Nothing You Don’t

The best part about being an Essential Member, is that you can customize your membership. There are a variety of add-on features to choose from that allow you to build a healthcare approach designed just for you. Available features include services like preventive care, telehealth, and prescription sharing.

If you are already cared for in one, or all, of these areas, then the Essential Membership is the perfect piece to complete your healthcare puzzle. If you find that you are missing one of these pieces, say mental health services, you can simply add-on the feature you need without adding anything you don’t need.

We like to keep it simple, but more than that we like it when our members feel comfortable and confident with their selections. So, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our Member Care Team for help understanding your options.

You may also check out the available add-on feature details in this helpful handout.