Who is the Direct Membership For?

Here at Zion Health, not only do we believe that effective healthcare solutions should be simple, we also think that they should be available to everyone. That is why we have membership offerings that make it easy for anyone to join our community. Today, we will focus on what makes the Zion Health Direct Membership a great option for anyone.

A Membership for You

Zion Health accepts members from all walks of life. So, the Direct Membership is designed to give anyone the ability to join a medical cost sharing community at an affordable price— without sacrificing quality service.

With the Zion Health Direct Membership, your monthly contribution is based solely on your age and household size. You do not need to be a part of another community, like a business or a religious organization to join. With Zion Health, your healthcare is in your own hands.

Zion Health is ideal for mostly healthy individuals who want the security to know their community will be there for them if they ever have a medical need. Here are some of the main reasons our members join Zion Health over traditional insurance:

  • They need affordable healthcare.
  • They want more freedom to choose their provider and alternative care options that insurance doesn’t cover.
  • They don’t have an affordable or quality healthcare plan available through their work.


Being a Direct Member means two things. One, you are a member of a medical cost sharing community that will share in your unexpected medical expenses. Two, you have access to everything that Zion Health has to offer.

A Direct Membership helps you manage your big medical expenses as well as some of your routine medical care. For example, the Zion Health Direct Membership gives you unlimited, 24/7 access to telemedicine services with zero consultation fees. If you need to see a doctor in-person, your Direct Membership also includes sharing for an annual provider visit—which is available immediately. The Direct Membership also offers prescription sharing and an option to add LifeWorks as a mental health resource for a small additional monthly cost.

Community Commitment

As a Zion Health member, you are part of a community of people who value each other and each other’s resources. Our promise to this community: we will do our part by continuing to find ways to add value to your membership. And when we do add features or make improvements, your membership will be updated automatically. In short, Zion Health will continue to reimagine the HealthShare experience.

To learn more about the Direct Membership click here. As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our Member Care Team for help understanding your options.