Why Should I Pair Zion HealthShare with Direct Primary Care?

Why Should I Pair Zion Health with Direct Primary Care?

What is DPC?

DPC stands for direct primary care. It is a new healthcare model where patients pay a monthly subscription to their primary care doctor, which gives them unlimited access to primary care services. Instead of insurance deductibles and copays for each visit to your doctor, patients pay this set amount monthly, but they get access to longer appointments, shorter waits (many practices have same-day appointments), and a personal relationship with their provider.

Most direct primary care doctors have private practices, located across the United States. Doctors may choose to open a direct primary care practice for many reasons. Most cite the fact that direct primary care allows them to form a real relationship with their patients and approach their health more holistically. This results in better care and helps patients improve their overall health instead of just treating symptoms.

Because patients can visit their DPC doctor as often as they need, they can often find and correct small health issues before they become big health issues—keeping them healthier and happier. Direct primary care doctors are not incentivized to have more visits, because they are not paid by the visit, so they are more focused on their patients’ overall wellness, not just temporary fixes to their health problems. They are also not limited by insurance companies for the types of care they can offer—opening possibilities of some alternative and holistic approaches.

For all these reasons, direct primary care is a great option for routine medical care, especially for health-focused individuals and families who are looking for something different than their traditional healthcare.

Why does it make sense to pair Zion HealthShare and direct primary care?

Since direct primary care focuses on your preventive and routine health services, their practices are not equipped to handle large medical needs—such as an injury or serious medical diagnosis. That’s where Zion HealthShare comes in!

1. Provides a comprehensive healthcare solution

Members who pair Zion HealthShare with direct primary care get the best of both worlds—unlimited access to the primary care that keeps them healthy, and the peace of mind to know they will be financially secure if they ever have an accident or receive a serious medical diagnosis. Together, these two services create a comprehensive healthcare solution that takes care of all your healthcare needs.

2. Gives you control of your healthcare

Many individuals who want more freedom to choose their providers and take control of their healthcare are attracted to Zion HealthShare because of the emphasis we put on personal responsibility, healthy living, and making healthcare choices that are right for you as an individual. Our members believe that taking care of their health is an important responsibility, and we should all do our best to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Many direct primary care practices share the same mission and make it a priority to empower their patients to live healthy lives and take a holistic approach to their health. By pairing your Zion HealthShare membership with a DPC practice, you can gain control over even more aspects of your health.

3. Improves your financial wellness

Direct primary care saves you money on office visits and smaller services, while Zion HealthShare saves you money when large medical events occur. Compared to a high-deductible healthcare plan, Zion HealthShare can save you 40–60% on premiums, and even more if you ever experience a medical event.

Did you know that Zion HealthShare members who join a DPC practice get exclusive membership rates? Our Essential Membership was specially designed to pair with direct primary care doctors, with lower rates that encourage you to visit your DPC doctor and focus on staying healthy.

Learn more about direct primary care and find a practice near you.