Zion Health Makes Maternity Sharing Simple

Zion Health knows that when you are adding a new little member to your family, you have enough to think about. That is why, as of March 1, 2021, we have decided to treat maternity sharing like any other medical need.

This means that, if you are expecting, you will only be responsible for a single IUA before Zion Health shares 100% of your maternity costs. This change further differentiates Zion Health from other HealthShares, who often charge an additional maternity fee.

How difficult is it to get my maternity need shared?

There are a lot of different costs involved in a maternity need. Many hospitals and OB/GYNs will give you a prepayment agreement that includes all relevant maternity costs, often called a “stork package” or “global package.”

Obtaining a global package from your provider helps Zion Health share your bills quickly and easily. But if your provider will only bill you per visit, just make sure to submit all bills to Zion Health as soon as possible, and keep itemized receipts of all your maternity-related costs.

Shareable and Unshareable Costs

We want our expectant mothers to have choices in their prenatal, delivery, and postnatal care. That is why we allow our mothers to choose hospital delivery, home births, or birthing centers to bring their newborn into the world.

Costs related to maternity sharing, including prenatal, delivery, and postnatal care, are all shared under a single need. Some shareable services include routine office visits, ultrasounds, and charges related to unexpected complications.

To keep costs low for our members, there are some maternity-related costs Zion Health will not share, such as genetic testing and circumcision. For some of these unshareable costs, you can take advantage of Zion Health’s other services. For example, counseling services through LifeWorks are there to help you mentally and emotionally while your physician and Zion Health support you physically and financially.

Maternity Whats Sharable Diagram

See our Maternity Guide to learn more about how we are reimagining the HealthShare process to share in more of your needs and simplify your medical expenses.