Zion Health Member Guidelines: End of Life Assistance

Zion Health is, first and foremost, a community. We are a group of people who have voluntarily come together to share the often-overwhelming burden of healthcare costs.

As a community, we share a common set of values and strive to do our best individually to support the community. We lean on each other during the good times, like welcoming new little members to the Zion Health family, and the bad times, like unexpected traumatic medical events. For this reason, Zion Health offers assistance for the most difficult of unexpected events: the loss of a loved one in death.

Once you have been a member for a year, your family is eligible to receive assistance from the Zion Health community if you or one of your dependents passes away. If either you or your spouse should die, your surviving family will be eligible to receive up to $10,000. If one of your dependent children passes away, you will receive $2,500 in financial assistance. For you or your family to receive this assistance, all that is needed is to provide Zion Health with a copy of the death certificate.

The tragic toll of losing a loved one can be an overwhelmingly heavy burden. With Zion Health, you and your family do not have to face such a difficulty alone. Your community is here to offer support when it is needed most. Although we hope our members never have to face this event, we hope to provide some relief to our members for the financial burdens that often come with the death of a family member.

As a part of the Zion Health community, your monthly contribution goes not only toward the medical expenses of your fellow members, but also to help support each other during one of the most difficult times a family can face.

If you have any questions about Zion Health’s end of life assistance, please reach out to our Member Care team. We are ready to help you in whatever way we can.