Rx Share helps cover the cost of prescriptions. Prescriptions for medication(s) that are both billed by a provider and related to an eligible need are considered shareable and can take advantage of the Rx Share program. Through OptumRx, Zion Health members can receive discounts on their prescriptions. Additionally, Rx Share gives members access to many generic prescriptions for as low as $5. Rx Share is automatically included with Zion Health Direct Memberships and is available as an add-on to the Zion Health Essential Membership.


Discounted rate on all other prescriptions

View costs and order prescriptions from home at OptumRx.com

90-Day Supply

With Rx Share, you can now save trips to the pharmacy and order a 3-month supply of your prescriptions at no extra charge. Low-cost generic prescriptions are $15 for a 90-day supply, and generic prescriptions are $45 for a 90-day supply.

OptumRx Online Access

Through the OptumRx website, you can view costs and order prescriptions from the comfort of your own home. Visit OptumRx.com to register and login to your account. To register, use the member number on your Zion Health ID card. If you have trouble logging into your OptumRx account, please call 1-800-356-3477 for assistance.

Prescription ID Card

Download Zion Prescription Card

When ordering or picking up your prescriptions, please provide the information on this card along with the member number listed on your Zion Health ID card.

2022 Optum RX Formulary

Download 2022 OptumRx Select Standard Formulary

A formulary is a list of prescribed medications or other pharmacy care products, services or supplies chosen for their safety, cost, and effectiveness. Medications are listed by categories or classes and are placed into cost levels known as tiers. It includes both brand and generic prescription medications.